Geophysical Results


Buried Historic features


Buried features

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St. Paul’s Cemetery Geophysical Survey:


We conducted a one-day survey with a fluxgate gradiometer to determine the potential of unmarked graves at this 150 year old cemetery. A total of 19 unmarked graves were mapped.

Cemetery Survey

Newly Recorded Burials

Grid 4 – eastern 20 m grid from image at top.


Mill Lake Island Prehistoric Site Geophysical Survey:


Mill Lake Island is an early Late Archaic site dating to 6000 years old. Magnetometer results define hearth features and possible fire-cracked rocks including variations in natural peat layers in these 10 x 10 m grids.

Mid. Archaic Site

Archaic Hearth Features

Grid 1 – furthest east 10 m grid from image

Grid 1 with a view to the west.


Fort Jemseg Geophysical Survey:


While surveying for a 17th C fort, we encountered this buried mid-19th C homestead.

19th C house at Fort Jemseg

Close-up of foundation

A portion of Grid 2 with interpretations from results above.