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"The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see." Sir Winston Churchill


Archaeological Prospectors is a full-range archaeological consulting company with the regions most experienced staff and the largest selection of field equipment.  We specialise in completing high-quality, timely archaeological assessments throughout North America.  New Brunswick's most experienced and diligent field archaeologists.  Specialising in landscape interpretation and early Holocene (Palaeoindian) archaeology.

The application of geophysics to archaeology has been around since the 1950bsp; Using different instruments to detect changes in the earthୡgnetic field and resistance values, archaeological geophysics can detect and map buried features. 

With the ability to survey up to 4000 m2 a day, geophysical surveys can map sub-surface features, thus focussing efforts in the field and greatly reducing both costs and destruction to archaeological sites.

Archaeological Prospectors employees are trained in the use of resistivity, magnetometry, ground-penetrating radar, aerial photography for the detection of archaeological sites and all aspects of traditional archaeological survey and excavation.  We find that for most applications, our magnetometer will detect and map most features effectively, although the most appropriate techniques are used.

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Since our establishment in 2001 we have been providing services in shallow geophysics with applications in archaeological prospection, engineering, environmental impact assessments and underground utility mapping.  Our services also include landscape surveying, GIS modelling, pedestrian surveys, testing and excavation.

Our Mission

Providing a full range of quality archaeological services for cultural resource management, government, and research.

Company Profile

Archaeological Prospectors staff are the most experienced field archaeologists in the region; providing a savings in initial assessment costs and more importantly, reducing liability and hidden costs of unexpectedly uncovering a site during construction.  Archaeological Prospectors employees are trained to the post-graduate level in the use of resistivity, magnetometry, ground-penetrating radar and aerial photography for the detection of archaeological sites and all aspects of traditional archaeological survey and excavation.  Archaeological Prospectors is capable of completing projects of any size, from background research and GIS-based predictive modelling all the way through to full-scale excavation and report production.  We are a Veteran owned/operated company. 

Archaeological Prospectors employees are members of the Canadian Archaeological Association, Ontario Archaeological Society, Ontario Association of Professional Archaeologists, Atlantic Geoscience Society, Aerial Archaeology Research Group, New Brunswick Archaeological Society, the Maine Archaeology Society, the University of New Brunswick's Geoarchaeology Research Group, the Fredericton Heritage Trust, the International Society for Archaeological Prospection and the Heritage Canada Foundation.


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